A New Approach to Beauty

If you have found this website, it might mean that deep down you have a drive to be beautiful that won’t go away. Maybe you grew up with sisters and always felt like the ugly duckling. Maybe you have a passion for style and want to look like the fashionistas you see in blogs and magazines. Maybe you want to be beautiful in the eyes of your kids or husband…or maybe you just love beauty and find it lights your creative fire. To be honest I think there are very few people who don’t desire to be beautiful, and why shouldn’t they desire to be what nature intended them to be? When I look around at the town I live in and see the flowers that blossom in the spring, the breathtaking mountain views, and the birds that perch on the juniper trees; beauty seems like the most natural thing in the world. Like the mountains and sky, animals and plants, we are meant to be beautiful. This site, and the books that correspond to it are meant to help you become your most beautiful self. Read on to create your own magic beauty spell!