The Four Seasons of Your Monthly Cycle- Fall

In a previous post I discussed the book Four Seasons in Four Weeks by Suzanne Mathis McQueen. In her book McQueen offers some valuable insights into the female cycle and provides tips for working with your cycle, rather than against it. 

In that post, I promised to explore her ideas more in depth and so will begin with her discussion of what she considers the first week of your monthly cycle “fall.” It is during this week that menstruation occurs. 

According to McQueen, this week, symbolically is like fall. In the fall the trees shed their leaves and shed what is no longer needed. Likewise, during this week, women shed the uterine lining that has not been used to facilitate a pregnancy. If you are not pregnant, that lining is no longer needed and it is time for your body to let go of it. 

How else is this week like the fall season? It may be the time you find yourself retreating in-doors to take time for yourself. McQueen emphasizes that it is very important to rest at this time. She also states that it is a time of “meditative, visionary and artistic energy” so you might find it beneficial to work on projects that express your creativity, or intuition…or both. 

A great activity is one I learned from the Artist Way series by Julia Cameron. You grab yourself a poster board and some magazines, and a glue-stick and prepare to make a collage. This is a different process than creating a vision board, which is one in which you are very deliberate about the pictures you choose. In this instance you may want to light some incense and put on some meditative music. Before you begin you ask the universe or a higher power a question. Perhaps it is a specific question about how you might make more money or what is going on in your relationship. You can also ask more generally, “what do I need to know about my life right now?” and then set to work. 

As you pour through magazines and tear out pictures, don’t think very much about what you are attracted to. The idea is not to pick the perfect images, but to let yourself tear and glue uncensored. When you are are done, you will know it, and can step back to see what you’ve created. Chances are, it is something that will surprise you, and give you some insight into your life, or your area of inquiry, that you hadn’t thought of before. It’s a wonderful exercise, and when I do it I find that during a certain time of month I’m more intuitive and perhaps more inclined to shut off the phone, pull the shades and just, generally take time for myself. 

In thinking about the week of your period in this way, as a magical time to connect with your artistic ability and psychic intuition you may find that you actually look forward to this incredible visionary time. It can be an empowering time for women to connect with their feminine powers. What, after all is more feminine than a menstrual cycle? 

If you have any other rituals or advice for this time of the month, please do share below. 

Have a magical day! 

A Woman’s Rhythm

Today begins my exploration of patterns, natural rhythms, cycles, seasons and phases. I am inspired by the book: 
4 Seasons in 4 Weeks: Awakening the Power, Wisdom, and Beauty in Every Woman’s Nature by Suzanne Mathis McQueen.

In her wonderful book, McQueen studies the patterns of the feminine monthly cycle. Without giving too much away just yet, I will say that she provides her readers with a a blueprint for how to make the most of these phases. Her belief is that understanding them deeply and working with (rather than against) their own cycle will enhance women’s lives.

Most women can easily recognize how their body changes during certain times of the month. Swelling from water weight-gain, feeling hot or cold, and feeling hungry are all symptoms of a woman’s hormonal cycle. Much of what we read or hear about this cycle is negative. The internet is full of images of women writhing in pain from cramps, and articles about how to survive the terrible inconvenience of a monthly period.

Could there be an upside, however? Are there benefits to each phases of this cycle? Can we use our cycle make our lives more productive? Can understanding our own hormonal patterns make our bodies more healthy and beautiful? 

McQueen says yes, and uses the analogy of the 4 seasons to explain how each week of a woman’s monthly cycle changes her desires and priorities. During the winter phase, for example a woman may feel like hibernating, being alone, and taking time for introspection. During the Spring phase, they may feel beautiful, outgoing and expressive. 

I deeply resonated with McQueen’s analogy and found it helpful to acknowledge these phases. 

In a future post I will get more into Mcqueen’s explanation of her  4 seasons analogy and how it can help you understand your body, energy and attractiveness in accordance with your monthly cycle. I also want to explore the incredible potential present in the idea that cycles, seasons, phases and patterns can affect the body, and how understanding them can can enhance health, well-being, and attractiveness.

Have a magical day!