Beauty Rituals of Ancient Egypt


Recently I visited the Natural History museum in Houston, TX and found myself moving slowly through the Egypt exhibit. I was stunned by the artistry that the Egyptians threaded through all of their creations.

The sarcophagi, painted with a unique mix of colors and symbols, seemed to to contain a magic power. The artifacts that had been placed in the ancient burial tombs had a craftsmanship that you rarely see among the everyday objects of our time. It was obvious that they were not only designed to be pretty, but were crafted for spiritual reasons.

I was drawn to the displays of pots, bowls and jars that would have contained cosmetics and toiletries. It became clear that the daily act of caring for and beautifying the body was a sacred ritual for the ancient Egyptians.

I was reminded of an article that I had read long ago by Judith Illes called Beauty Secrets of Ancient Egypt. In the article Illes writes: “For the ancient Egyptians, beauty, magic and medicine were inseparable.” Taking care of and adorning one’s body was, for the Ancient Egyptians, a sacred spiritual act.

I believe that there is power in all of our daily rituals, especially if one adds intention into them. If you are trying to imbue your physical body with beauty, then having the right attitude about the simple act of cleansing your face or brushing your teeth can activate a beauty magic that begins to create the physical results you desire.

Inspiring music, a fine brush, and the burning of incense are capable of transforming your daily routine into something quite powerful…especially if they inspire you.

What is magic?


I think I’ve always been searching for magic. When I was younger I looked for it in books and fairy-tales, and felt it during the quiet moments when I found myself alone in nature. There seemed to be some mystical quality present within the leaves of the trees and among the flowers that sprung up from the soil. Nature always felt magical to me and it still does.

It wasn’t until later in life that I began to wonder if the magic I read about in books and fairy-tales could actually work. I wondered if it was possible to harness the energy that I felt from the plants and trees and use it to influence myself and my surroundings.

In all my searching I found that the simplest way to access magic was through the use of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction basically states that by using a few simple processes you can create your own reality. I believe that this is true, though I think that we often need help and guidance to make the Law of Attraction work in our lives.

Many Law of Attraction experts explain the process in a scientific manner, but I think that many of the tools used in traditional magic can enhance your Law of Attraction practice. This website and the linked e-books are meant to help you add magic rituals into your daily life.

Some of the best advice on magic I ever received was from blogger and astrologer, Mystic Medusa. Though I can’t remember her exact words, she explained that one of the most potent magic spells in existence is the simple act of cleaning your house.

The notion that magic could be present in the simple, often mundane tasks of everyday life really struck me. I’ve always been a bit of a clutter-bug and I could suddenly hear the voice of my mom, telling me to clean my room. Whenever I had a cold, tidying up my room became one of my Mom’s most important remedies for my recovery. “Change your sheets, open the blinds, let in some air!” my mom would say as she buzzed around, trying to put things in order. I always did feel better after her re-organization.

What I have come to learn is that magic has everything to do with adding intention to your daily life. As you clean your house, think about all the bad energy flowing out, and blessings and abundance flowing in. Use a drop of essential oil in your mop bucket to enhance your cleaning solution with the power of nature. Re-arrange your furniture and nick-knacks in order allow positive energy to flow through your dwelling unobstructed. The task of cleaning your house can go from being a boring necessity into an incredibly important ritual.

If you believe in the Law of Attraction and the fact that your thoughts create your reality, then every action you take is a ritual. Every moment you are casting a spell. All of your feelings have  a magical vibration, and the words you utter, especially those that you put a lot of emotion behind, are magical spells, connecting you with the universe, and bringing forth your future.

Magic is simple, practical and powerful.

Beauty Spellbooks

Sometimes it helps to follow a step by step processes in order to put yourself on the path to beauty. The Beauty Spell: Unleash Your Attractiveness by Changing Your Thoughts & Feelings is my first attempt at creating a beauty formula for you. You can download it for your kindle through by clicking the link below. Happy reading!

Unleash Your Attractiveness

If you have found this website, it might mean that deep down you have a drive to be beautiful that won’t go away.

Maybe you grew up with sisters and always felt like the ugly duckling. Maybe you have a passion for style and want to look like the fashionistas you see in blogs and magazines. Maybe you want to be beautiful in the eyes of your kids or husband…or maybe you just love beauty and find it lights your creative fire.

To be honest I think there are very few people who don’t desire to be beautiful, and why shouldn’t they desire to be what nature intended them to be? When I look around at the town I live in and see the flowers that blossom in the spring, the breathtaking mountain views, and the birds that perch on the juniper trees; beauty seems like the most natural thing in the world.

Like the mountains and sky, animals and plants, we are meant to be beautiful.

This site, and the books that correspond to it are meant to help you become your most beautiful self. Read on to create your own magic beauty spell!